bath & hygiene accessories

Sports cloth – this type of cloth is mostly made from fabrics as suede, frotte or terry (from 210 to 380gsm thickness).
Sports cloth
This is Microfiber Towel which is made out of Microfiber. It can dry your hair after washing.
Microfiber towel
These are Bath gloves which are made out of terry fabric. These are specially designed for easy use and they are long lasting.
Bath gloves
This is Bath Robe which is made out of microfiber suede, terry fabric, are excellent at quick drying.
Bath robe
This is Hair Turban which is made out of Microfiber Fabric. Their quick moisture absorption enables minimal blow-drying.
Hair turban

cleaning accessories

Microfiber Suede is a special technological process which guarantees the highest softness and absorption.
Microfiber Suede
It is the most popular of all microfiber cleaning cloths. It easily cleans dirt and absorbs water completely.
Microfiber Circular Terry
Is non-elastic fabric used mainly for production of cleaning cloths.
Microfiber Tricot Terry
Tricot Window is a soft fabric with high level of absorption. The fabric is uniquely designed – it has two different sides, each with different texture.
Tricot Window
This is Microfiber cleaning cloth designed with Waffle.It is pleasant to the touch thick fabric which can be used for cleaning glass, porcelain, windows and dishes.
Microfiber cleaning cloth
This is Microfiber Optical cleaning cloth. It protects lenses from scratching and helps keeping the lenses transparent.
Microfiber Optical


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